Why does the NFL adore Taylor Swift so much? Exploring in great detail

Taylor Swift is a hot topic nowadays. The 33-year-old American pop star is one of the most famous entertainers in the world. Her immense popularity draws substantial attention wherever she goes and everybody loves her, including the NFL world. Many NFL players have openly shared their admiration for the pop star.

Aaron Rodgers once shared that he is a Swiftie and loves many of her songs. But Swift’s association with one particular NFL player has made her a more valuable part of the league.

NFL loves Taylor Swift

The NFL world has always loved Taylor Swift. Different players in the league often shared their admiration for her, including Aaron Rodgers, who also attended her Eras concert. The NFL legend Tom Brady also attended Taylor Swift’s concert with his daughter. Not only players, but the coaches in the league also love Taylor, including Bill Belichick

However, her popularity in the NFL grew immensely after her relationship rumors with Travis Kelce started. The Chiefs tight end attended her concert and later shared that he wanted to share his number with her. 

Taylor Swift NFL
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After that, Taylor surprised everyone when she attended one of the Chiefs games to support Kelce. She has now attended multiple games for the Chiefs to support the tight end. 

A lot of Swifties are becoming NFL fans now, as they have started watching NFL games just to watch their favorite star in the audience. The same is the case with the NFL world. NFL players and fans enjoy the presence of Taylor Swift in the audience and are rooting for her and Kelce’s relationship.

Swift draws record crowds at exorbitant costs to football venues

Taylor Swift’s presence in NFL games generated extensive media coverage and heightened public interest. This attention benefits both the NFL and Travis Kelce, who witnessed a significant surge in popularity after being linked to Swift.

When Taylor attended the second NFL game to support Kelce and the Chiefs against the Jets, she brought an average of 27 million viewers to NBC and Peacock. Sources reported that there was a 35% increase in the female audience who watched the game and 53% more teenage girls watched Sunday Night Football than last season. 

Taylor Swift NFL

This game also became the most-watched game since this season started. This sudden surge in viewership was only for Taylor Swift NFL. On Thursday, the pop star again attended the Chiefs’ game against the Broncos.

The league posted her clip on the X app, which garnered more than 4 million views, becoming the most watched clip of the night.

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular topics among Swifties and NFL fans right now. People are looking forward to watching Taylor Swift in more of the upcoming NFL games. This Taylor Swift NFL popularity is also benefitting the league a lot, giving them a crazy amount of viewers.

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