EX-UFC champ Henry Cejudo debunks Andrew Tate’s 85-9 kickboxing record

Henry Cejudo is all set to make his much-anticipated return to the octagon after three years when he squares off against current bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling headlining the UFC 288 fight card at Newark, New Jersey.

Cejudo who is the former UFC flyweight and bantamweight champion is highly regarded for his accurate presentation of the small details in the fight game. Probably that’s the biggest reason succesful fighters like Jon Jones, Demetrius Johnson, Zhang Wei lei and many more seek his guidance ahead of their fights. Recently Cejudo did had some strong words to say about massive social media influencer Andrew Tate, who is also a former kickboxing world champion.

Assessing some of Tate’s previous fights Cejudo said, “So this is against Cosmin Linguarar. Again, for a guy who’s 76-9 and he’s going against up a guy that is making his debut. This is what I’m saying man, a lot of this, a lot of you guys, you fans, you people, that follow guys and think are good fighters , this dude’s making his damn debut against a guy that has over 80 fights which is ridiculous. In other words, this is what you call a tomato can.”

He continued “I don’t follow him, you know. I’ve seen a couple of his Instagram stuff that he’s done. I mean he seems like a pretty smart dude but he also has a padded record so you can have 80 fights and fight 80 different scrubs.”

Tate had his last kickboxing bout in December of 2020, where he fought and defeated Cosmin Linguarar in the second round via TKO and since then has gone into an unofficial retirement after suffering multiple eye injuries throughout his fighting career. With a 76-9 record, Andrew Tate has won four ISKA kickboxing championships in two weight divisions. Tate is famously known by his ring name “Cobra,” won the ISKA World Full-Contact Heavyweight title in 2011, giving him his first world championship. He then went on to win the ISKA Full-Contact light cruiserweight title in 2013 two years later.

Henry Cejudo comeback at UFC 288

Cejudo who likes to refer himself as the ‘Triple C’ will be back inside the octagon after a gap of almost three years. The 36-year-old was last seen inside the cage in May 2020 where he fought and defeated Dominick Cruz to defend his bantamweight title and subsequently decided to walk away from the sport. His previous titles and accolades have gotten him to a position where he can take a three year layoff and still come back to fight for the UFC gold.

Henry Cejudo
Henry Cejudo celebrated his TKO victory over Marlon Moraes after clinching double championship

The comeback won’t be an easy one. A lot has changed in the past three years, the title right now is in the hands of the ‘Funk Master’ Aljamain Sterling. The 34-year-old, who masters in BJJ has shown incredible domination winning eight fights in a row. If Cejudo is able to defy the odds and defeats Sterling after taking a three year break from the sport, it will be hard to not acknowledge him as one of the Greatest Combat sports athlete of all time.

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