Ex-UFC champion Francis Ngannou takes cheeky jab at two-faced promoters after being rejected by ONE Championship

Francis Ngannou’s fighting career appears to be in jeopardy right now. After failing to strike an agreement with One Championship, the heavyweight fighter most recently posted a tweet making fun of the promoters.

The Cameroonian-French fighter quit the world’s leading MMA company in January after spending eight years there as contract discussions failed. The heavyweight kingpin, however, stuck to his initial goal of pursuing a career in boxing, defying the pleas of many UFC fighters who wanted him to sign a new contract with Dana White. 

But as time passes, it appears that The Predator probably didn’t make the best choice. The former UFC heavyweight champion is still unsigned after four months. Evidently, Ngannou was unable to enter into a fight deal with any of the best boxers in the world. Francis didn’t even receive any lucrative deal from Bellator or any other MMA organization, on top of that.  

How did the discussion between Francis Ngannou and One Championship chief go? 

The Cameroonian-French fighter still had the choice to join One Championship, which was another alternative. Ngannou, however, was unable to reach an agreement following a three-hour conversation with the CEO of the MMA organization, Chatri Sityodtong. 

“I met Francis for almost 3 hours. After careful reflection, we decided not to submit our final offer. I didn’t feel Francis and I were fully aligned on non-financial matters. It is nothing personal.” said Chatri. 

Just a few days ago, Dave Feldman, the president of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, also rejected Ngannou for demanding excessive money. One Championship pulling out of their proposal leaves Francis with just what seems to be two viable options right now: either join the Professional Fighters League or turn pro in boxing.

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