“Those boxing guys used him”: UFC hall of famer pleads Francis Ngannou not to go in bed with Tyson Fury

There have been a variety of opinions from various combat sports personalities ever since Francis Ngannou quit the UFC and chose to enter the boxing world. Another UFC Hall of Famer recently questioned and discussed Ngannou’s choice to transition from MMA to boxing at this particular point in his career. 

Francis Ngannou’s decision to quit the UFC has generated a wide range of opinions, with some people applauding his bravery and boldness while others disapproving of it. Chael Sonnen, a former UFC fighter, is one of the latter who believes The Predator shouldn’t have succumbed to the flattery of boxing promoters.

What did Chael Sonnen say about Francis Ngannou? 

The American MMA analyst believes that the boxing promoters gave Francis false optimism. The former UFC heavyweight champion has stated that he is very interested in pursuing a career in boxing after leaving the UFC. But in the past four months, The Predator has failed to come to an agreement with anyone regarding a boxing match.

“I think those boxing guys used him. They don’t mean it. They don’t have any pull, they don’t have any creativity,” said Sonnen. 

The former candidate for the light heavyweight title feels that promoters play a significant role in boxing. Boxers seldom have a choice but to present themselves in the ring. Promoters exert a lot of pressure on a boxer’s will in order to appease the crowd.

“Tyson gets told here’s who you’re fighting here’s when you’re fighting them, here’s the corner that you’re in, here’s the robe you’re going to wear,” Sonnen added. 

The Cameroonian-French fighter has handpicked a few boxers as potential opponents and hopes to enter the ring very soon. His list of probable opponents includes names like Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua, but Deontay Wilder currently seems like the most likely choice.

However, Chael Sonnen still hopes Ngannou will be back in the UFC and the 36-year-old fighter’s next fight will be in the octagon. 

Do you believe Francis Ngannou will return to the UFC at some point, or do you believe he will have a successful boxing career? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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