Ex-UFC fighter Cain Carrizosa arrested after allegedly assaulting girlfriend, causing her to convulse

Cain Carrizosa may have fought his last for the UFC back in 2015, but the fighter still seems to have some fight left in him which he, unfortunately, used against his own girlfriend. The former lightweight had an unceremonious UFC journey as he fought only twice in a span of two years and lost both his fights.

ABC4.com reports that Cain actually assaulted his girlfriend twice with the first incident taking place all the way back in March of 2022. The couple had an argument and the UFC fighter at one point punched his lady hard 0n the head. She lost control and fell on the road after which Carizossa dragged her all the way to the pavement, took her phone away, and left.

As the lady was trying to report the incident to the cops, she failed to maintain consciousness and had a seizure. But that was not the end as a similar event took place yet again on the first day of the new year. This time the victim was found in a seizure-like state potentially from strikes to the head. On the way to the hospital, the woman would see multiple spikes in her seizure symptoms.

How Cain Carrizosa represents a worrying trend in the UFC.

Carrizosa has been arrested not only for the charge of a second-degree aggravated assault but also for domestic violence and robbery. UFC fighters should hold themselves to a certain level of standards and steeping as low as to steal a woman’s phone seems rather pathetic.

On New Year’s eve, UFC president Dana White also got into a one-on-one against his wife Anne. Both of them were badly drunk and Anne took the first shot by slapping her husband. Dana of course was under the influence of alcohol as well and proceeded to return the favor. The altercation was stopped by other party attendees who were not contaminated by ‘the devil in a bottle.’

So how do we stop this? First of all, everyone should be careful while picking their partners. Addiction to drugs especially Alcohol has caused issues for many couples in the past, so drinking should be left out of people’s practices. Lastly, embracing the traditional masculine and feminine roles can potentially help curb many of these problems.


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