Ex-UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir daughter announced as UFC’s first ever NIL ambassador

The UFC has signed their very first-ever NIL ambassador, and they certainly could not have signed anyone better for that role given that it is none other than former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir‘s daughter. 

A name, image, and likeness deal, or NIL for short, is a contract that college or university athletes sign with companies so that those companies can promote their work as part of a marketing or promotional campaign.

A NIL ambassador is someone who is supposed to promote the company’s business and lead campaigns that encourage students to participate in a variety of sports.

On January 27th, the UFC made the official announcement on Twitter that Bella Mir, the daughter of Frank Mir, would be serving as the company’s NIL ambassador.

Later on, Dana White also confirmed Bella’s contract with the UFC, saying,  “Bella was destined to become a member of the UFC family her entire life, and I’m proud that she’s making history as our first NIL ambassador in one of the best programs at the University of Iowa.”

”She’s a four-time state high school wrestling champion who has won jiu-jitsu tournaments and three professional MMA fights before turning 19. Bella is an incredible role model for young women who are not only looking to get into sports but also pursue their dreams. She’s on another level, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.” Dana added.

While still a freshman at the University of Iowa, Bella Mir competes professionally for the Hawkeyes wrestling team. This 19-year-old athlete is undefeated (3-0) in mixed martial arts competition and has won multiple titles in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Following her signing of the contract with the UFC, Bella expressed her delight in an interview.

“I’m super grateful and I honestly couldn’t be more thankful to [UFC President] Dana [White] and UFC for giving me this opportunity. I’m going to make sure I do my best to represent UFC and show the world what I’m all about.” said Bella.

Will the four-time Nevada state high school wrestling champion also sign a deal to fight for Ultimate Fighting Championship?

She is not planning on doing so any time soon, but for the time being she is promoting the company in an effort to encourage younger generations to participate in sports like mixed martial arts.

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