“He strives to prove people wrong” Jets’ RB Breece Hall commends college roommate Brock Purdy for shedding ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ moniker

It’s a very common scenario in the sports world that one player is motivating another player. Breece Hall revealed something similar thing what he faced with his roommate.

Breece Hall, now a running back for the New York Jets, was Brock Purdy’s college roommate. Hall isn’t surprised by the former Cyclone’s success, despite Purdy’s climb reaching docu-series, movie proportions.

“I’m not surprised at all. Just knowing Brock, knowing his work ethic and knowing how he strives  to prove people wrong,” Hall stated. “Nobody thought he’d be in this spot, but for him he has all the confidence in the world. Every time he steps out on the field, he thinks he’s that dude.”

Hall and Purdy were roommates and had exceptional success at Iowa State together, but Hall was the top running back potential coming out of college last year, while Purdy was the last player selected and was dubbed “Mr. Irrelevant.”

“Guys try to call him the whole ‘Mr. irrelevant’ thing, but he’s always been relevant to me cause I know what he can do on the field,” Hall stated to Salmon.

In response to a question about what kind of leader Purdy was in college, Hall acknowledged the quarterback’s fierce competitiveness:

“It’s just all those little things. Just seeing how competitive Brock was. He was my roommate for two years, so we’d be up in his room playing Madden or 2K and if I beat him, he wouldn’t talk to me. I’d go mess with him and try to give him a hug and he tried to wrestle me and kick me out the room. So just little things, seeing how competitive he was on video games, in the weight room, on the field running, even though he knew he wasn’t faster than me and stuff like that. Just seeing how he hated to lose and how competitive he was every day. It never changed and never wavered.”

Hall has gone on public saying that he believes Purdy will win the Super Bowl for the Niners. Maybe, Netflix already has the documentary’s script written and preparing to go.


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