F1 CEO compares Max Verstappen to legendary racer Michael Schumacher, praises the Dutchman ahead of Championship race

The impending champion of this year’s Formula One World Title, Max Verstappen, 24, continued to show his driving superiority over several living legends like Michael Schumacher, Sir Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, and others.

As a result, Verstappen’s dominance became a popular topic among F1 enthusiasts, and recently, the head of Formula One also joined the crowd to laud this driver wholeheartedly.

Why did F1’s key figure compare Max Verstappen with Michael Schumacher?

Verstappen’s retirement from twice of the first three races as a result of mechanical issues beyond of his control suggested that Red Bull and his personal goals were in trouble, however, since then, everything has entirely turned around, and Verstappen is currently in position to win the World Championship for a second time.

This season in Formula 1, Max Verstappen is leaving a lasting impression and whereas the Dutchman still had a tough time competing against Sir Lewis Hamilton in 2021, the Red Bull driver dominated the global title the following year. In addition, Stefano Domenicali, the F1 CEO, compares the present form of Verstappen to Michael Schumacher’s earlier years.

Mr. Domenicali eulogized Verstappen by saying, “He is similar to him because he concentrates on everything he does on the track, He has become much more mature, he has learnt to control his emotions. He is a cannibal. He doesn’t look anyone in the face. And in that, he reminds me a lot of Michael.”

For that, Verstappen has the opportunity to claim the title as soon as the following GP, which will be held in Singapore in early October. However, the Dutchman’s victory is insufficient and he also needs to consider Sergio Perez and Leclerc’s performances in order to remain in the comfort zone, while Lewis Hamilton and George Russell might cause some unavoidable issues on the track as well.

Meanwhile, Domenicali also emphasized Michael Schumacher’s success in a broader sense, as the German driver showed his prolific driving skills with a bit of luck from the constructors and relaxed rules from the FIA, which are not visible in the present day at all.

The FIA’s updated rules and regulations may have restricted the current F1 world title-holder Verstappen and others, but at the same time, new technology has overhauled the entire F1 system, which is responsible for creating versatile aspects for the new drivers.

This comparison of Verstappen and Michael Schumacher is kind of a legit thing in the current situation, but history manifests that the Dutchman still needs to go a long way to reach the summit where Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton already belong.


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