“It’s historical” Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole on Aaron Judge smashing league record

If he continues to hit homeruns at this rate, Aaron Judge will soon break the record for the most homeruns hit by a player in the universe. He earlier blasted back-to-back home runs in successive games, bringing his total to 59. In addition, he hit his 58th and 59th home runs in the same game!

Judge is an absolute beast when it comes to hitting homeruns, and he does so with ease. On Sunday, in the New York Yankees’ 12-8 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers in the series finale, he blasted his two spectacular home runs of the year. Currently, Judge needs two more home runs to tie Roger Maris’ single-season records for the Yankees organization and the American League as a whole.

According to our insider sources and research team, he has the most home runs of any right-handed batter in AL history with 59. “Sorry to repeat the same line, but it’s historical,” Yankees starter Gerrit Cole said. “I got nothing else for you. It’s the greatest offensive season that I’ve personally ever witnessed. I don’t know what else to say. I mean, it’s wonderful. I’m riding it, dude. It’s amazing.”

The word “amazing” might not give justice to what Judge is accomplishing. He improved his September line on Sunday, bringing it to almost unimaginable levels: .491 batting average, a .586 on-base percentage, and 1.018 slugging percentage. His current slugging percentage of .316/.419/.701 is the highest since Barry Bonds in 2004 and may be the first season in the AL with a slugging percentage of .700 or higher since Mark McGwire in 1996.

In his last match, Judge made history by becoming the first player in the league’s ball-tracking era to record five batted balls of 110 mph or more. Judge hit a line drive to deep center field at 115.4 mph on the first pitch of the game, a home run to right field at 111.6 mph in the third inning, a single to left field at 111.3 mph in the sixth inning, a home run to left field at 110.3 mph in the seventh inning.

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