Who is Rhys Hoskins wife Jayme Hoskins? Dating life revealed

If there is one thing that Rhys Hoskins detests most, then it has to be “losing”. And throughout the years, this winning attitude of the man led him to the MLB grounds to try his luck and he is doing remarkably well. This professional baseball player entered the baseball era holding the hands of the Philadelphia Phillies in the fifth round of the 2014 MLB draft.

Besides having a successful career, he has a caring wife in his life with whom he gets lost in the land of love keeping stress and tension at bay. And the couple’s romance can’t but catch the media’s eyes wherever they go.

So, let’s delight ourselves with the taste of romance discovering more about Rhys Hoskins’ Wife Jayme Hoskins, and their married life.

Who is Rhys Hoskins wife Jayme Hoskins?

The woman who holds the key to the household of the baseball player is Jayme Hoskins. Before marriage, she was Jayme Bermudez. The lady is 28 years of age and was born on January 7, 1995.

She comes from Sacramento, California, the city where her husband belongs. Jayme spent her entire childhood there with her dear family.

What is Rhys Hoskins wife Jayme’s profession?

Rhys Hoskins Wife

Bookworm Jayme Hoskins is a study enthusiast. She joined California Polytechnic of San Luis Obispo to attain her bachelor’s degree. And the lady successfully completed her degree with flying colors in tourism and sports management.

As her first professional debut, the wife of the Phillies player attended San Francisco Giants in the position of a research assistant. For a shorter period of her career, she was also engaged with the MLB and contributed to carrying out various promotional activities.

What is Rhys Hoskins wife net worth?

The love partner of the first baseman is a working lady who earns a handsome amount per month from her career. On the other hand, her husband, Rhys Hoskins’ net worth is around $6 million.

How many kids does the couple have?

The couple is yet to break free of the intimate embrace of their loving season. They are married for some years now but have no children of their own.

As the issue is a matter of great responsibility, the pair are taking their time to get prepared for the future.

How they got together?

This power couple of the sporting world is together for a long time. And with each minute and second, their romance is flourishing and getting stronger.

So, let’s hear out how they met and fell for each other.

  • How they met?

Rhys Hoskins Wife

The miraculous moment of finding each other happened in Sacramento. As a sports enthusiast, Jayme Hoskins used to go to enjoy baseball and basketball matches very regularly.

And during such an occasion, she met her macho man. After observing a breathtaking game, she approached the MLB star and expressed her intention to be friends.

This is how their love tale moved forward.

  • How they became each other romantic partner?

In November 2019, their love story culminated in marriage. The couple held their wedding ceremony in their hometown. A lot of guests attended the occasion to offer their blessings to the newly wedded couple.

As a star guest, Scott Kingery, a fellow baseball player of Rhys Hoskins was present as a groomsman. With some laughter and joy, the happy day ended and the couple packed their suitcases for their honeymoon destination.

Did Rhys Hoskins date someone before hooking up Jayme?

The former Sacramento State Hornets is a reserved person in nature who keeps most of his privet moments only to himself. His personal life is also such an area that is kept at a safe distance from the media.

When it comes to his dating history, little information is available. But no other name besides his wife ever got associated with him as a love partner.

Rhys Hosking is a happily married man who is making the most of his nuptials with his adorable wife.

Jayme Hoskins relation with her husband Rhys Hoskins

The adorable pair regularly makes public appearances and keeps their fans updated on the ins and outs of their married life. They seem very joyous together in each other’s company.

As for Jayme Hoskins, she is a wondrous lady with a remarkable ability to manage the profession and the household at the same time. The caring lady is doing her best to provide support to her loving husband both on and off the field.

On the field, she is a crazy supporter and off the field, Jayme is the comforting soul who erases the pain and stress of the baseman.

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