Who is Yuta Watanabe Wife Akiko Kuji? Married life explored

From the picture-perfect shores of Japanese Island to America’s maple wooden court of the NBA; it’s a long road the Yuta Watanabe has crossed over the years. This professional basketball player is the first-Japanese born player to attain an NCAA Division I scholarship that paved the way to the NBA.

However, it is not only in basketball where he made an indelible mark but also in the naïve heart of a beautiful woman who now echoes his name. The player made a successful conquest in winning his wife’s love in his life.

So, let’s discover more about the wife of Yuta Watanabe, Akiko Kuji and their widely –talked about romance.

Who is Yuta Watanabe Wife Akiko Kuji?

Yuta Watanabe is married and tied the knot with Akiko Kuji. She is 29 years old and was born on July 13, 1994. The adorable woman hails from Oshu, Japan and this is where she spent her childhood.

A height of 5ft 5 in adds perfection to her physical beauty and she is just stunning to look at. Akiko comes from a working family and her mother was an English teacher at a local school.

What is Yuta Watanabe wife profession?

Yuta Watanabe Wife

It is hard to define the professional aspect of Akiko Kuji in a single word as she is a talented woman of various genres. She is an actress, a model, a TV personality and so much more.

Her first professional adventure was with Fuji Television. After completing her graduation, she started working there as an announcer. And the lady ended up entire 5 seasons of working period with the channel.

Moreover, in 2013, she opted for a little excitement in her career and entered the entertainment industry as a model. Her biggest break in modeling came almost a year later. The famous brand ‘Non-no’ bagged her to a three contract for their magazine that covers trending fashion styles for women.

Then, it was time for her to take some concrete steps within her arena. So, Akiko went for acting. With a TV drama series called ‘Kin Kyori Renai’ her new journey as an actress began. And soon, many exciting opportunities knocked on her door because of her potential and never-ending hunger for work. The spouse of the basketball player secured her position in another drama called ‘Koiko Focus: Aru Tenkōsei no Monogatari’ with a lead role.

Furthermore, she was cast in two commercial Japanese movies with pretty impressive roles. Till now she is working relentlessly as an actress, as a professional model, and also as a freelance announcer.

What is Yuta Watanabe wife’s net worth?

The former Fuji announcer enjoyed a ravishing career over the years which offered her a net worth of $5 million. On the other hand, her husband, Yuta Watanabe’s net worth stands at $2 million as of 2023.

The pair are earning well and living a comfortable life with the assets they have.

How many kids the couple has?

The 28-year-old player has no kid of his own with his wife. It’s not been long since they tied the knot. Therefore, they are waiting for the right time to come and only then, they will think about having little ones.

But as both of the entities are handsome in looks and appearances, their children are sure to break the limits of cuteness.

How they got together?

Over the years, the Japanese people have maintained their reputation to have pure hearts filled with love and affection. The same was also applicable to these love birds as well.

  • How they met?

Yuta Watanabe Wife

Destiny decided their paths to be crossed. So, there was no escape for them to run away from each other. Fuji TV invited Yuta Watanabe to their studio for an exclusive interview with him in 2019.
During the interview, the Nets player met his future wife. When his eyes caught her attention, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

And this was the beginning of their epic love story which later bloomed with time.

  • How they became each other romantic partner?

The couple started dating afterward. But it is not known who took the first step to share the feelings. On May 26, news of their engagement and marriage surfaced on the internet.

Later, Akiko Kuji announced their marriage and confirmed— they are living under one roof.

What benefits Akiko Kuji got hooking up Yuta Wantanabe?

Akiko Kuji is a famous name within her working space. And her charms have crossed the border of Japan making her famous globally.

The lady is sitting at the peak of her success which she achieved alone without the help of a single soul. Furthermore, her relationship with her husband depends entirely on mutual respect and unbound love with no material desires.

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