Fans speculate Wolves SF Taurean Prince is associated with ex-NBA champion Tayshuan Prince

In the world of professional basketball, players often share the same last names. It can lead fans to wonder whether they are related. This is the case with Taurean Prince and Tayshaun Prince. The two talented players have similar last names. The speculation among fans has grown, with many wondering if there is a connection between the two players.

Although both share a last name and their first names sound similar, they are not related.

Taurean Prince is currently playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He is emerging as a crucial player this season, averaging 9.1 points per game across 54 games, including 46.7% shooting from the field and 38.1% from beyond the arc. 

In contrast, Tayshaun Prince spent 13 years in the NBA. He won a title in 2004 while playing for the Detroit Pistons. Tayshaun played for the Memphis Grizzlies, Boston Celtics, and Minnesota Timberwolves before being selected by the Pistons with the 23rd overall pick.

The unique NBA journey of Taurean Prince and Tayshaun Prince

Taurean Prince

Despite the uncertainty, it is obvious that both players’ paths to the NBA have been unique. Taurean Prince attended Baylor College after growing up in San Marcos, Texas. He played for the Atlanta Hawks, the Brooklyn Nets, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Timberwolves before being taken by them as the 12th choice in the 2016 NBA Draft. 

On the other side, Tayshaun went to the University of Kentucky and was chosen by the Pistons in the 2002 NBA Draft.

Late in the 2022–23 NBA season, Taurean Prince had to step up and play significant minutes for the Minnesota Timberwolves. The team’s depth was reduced as a result of injuries, leaving them short on scoring alternatives off the bench. Prince has averaged 11.5 points per game and 25.8 minutes of playing time across their last four outings. During that time, the Timberwolves went 3-1, earning themselves a road seventh-seed game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

In the Timberwolves’ victory over the New Orleans Pelicans in the season finale, Prince made a significant contribution. He scored 18 points on 50% shooting while playing 35 minutes. Prince was given more of a chance to contribute after Jaden McDaniels was injured after striking a wall in the tunnel out of rage in the first quarter.

Taurean Prince must keep having a big effect for the Timberwolves to have a chance at making the playoffs this season. In the postseason, his efforts will be even more crucial given the loss of important rotation players.


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