FIFA President Gianni Infantino is under criminal investigation for soccer corruption

Stefan Keller, a Swiss federal prosecutor has started investigating FIFA president Gianni Infantino. Legal proceedings have already been imposed on him to accelerate the process.

The prosecutors are looking into the fact that some criminal investigations might take place in the secret meeting between Infantino and Swiss attorney general Michael Lauber.

The investigation basically relates to Lauber’s resignation last week who had to resign after the court came to a judgment that he withheld truth about his meeting with Infantino during the investigation. However, both Infantino & Lauber have ruled out the allegation claiming their innocence.

FIFA already stated that Infantino and the governing body would cooperate for further investigation.


Infantino said in Fifa’s statement: “As president of Fifa, it has been my aim from day one, and it remains my aim, to assist the authorities with investigating past wrongdoings at Fifa. Fifa officials have met with prosecutors in other jurisdictions across the world for exactly these purposes.”

Two complaints have been imposed on Infantino, Lauber, and Rinaldo Arnold. Rinaldo is the person who took the initiative to arrange that meeting.

Regarding the investigation, Keller said in a statement, the two new complaints against Infantino, Lauber and Arnold center on the public office abuse, and official secrecy breach.

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