“Fights Like That Makes Me Wanna Fight” Dustin Poirier Inspired to Return in Octagon Following a Brutal PFL Encounter between Stephen and Collard

UFC superstar and number one lightweight contender Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier wants to return to the octagon after watching the PFL’s showpiece fight between Jeremy Stephens and Clay Collard.

Stephens, who is a veteran of the UFC, made his much-anticipated debut in the PFL against Clay Collard. Collard, who had already upset the odds by defeating another UFC veteran on their debut, claimed victory via unanimous decision with a score of 30-27. This fight was the main event of the evening of the PFL season 4 opening card.

The fight was an all-action war and captivated both fighters and fans alike. With a striking masterclass on both ends, neither fighter was willing to go down and kept on going with everything they had left in the tank.

Both men were exhausted by the end of the third and final round. Stephens threw an illegal elbow at Collard, striking him in the throat. Collard, however, was unaffected by this, as he went on to defeat another UFC veteran, Anthony Pettis, in a big shock. Collard also earned three points to his Season 4 total after finishing second in the previous tournament’s finals.

Following such a grueling contest, it was only natural that fans would be ecstatic. Not just fans, professionals fighter, too, expressed their delight in being able to watch such an explosive encounter between two hard-hitting men.

One such man was UFC lightweight contender Dustin Poirier. Poirier, who is yet to get back in the octagon ever since his defeat to Lightweight Champion Charles Oliveira, tweeted that a fight like this only inspires him more to get back to the octagon.

Poirier, nicknamed “The Diamond”, is expected to fight either UFC veteran Nate Diaz or the number one Welterweight in the world- Colby “Chaos” Covington in his next fight. Whoever his opponent is, fans can expect to see some fireworks in his next fight.


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