“One Time Superstition Was a Religion” Mike Tyson Reveals How He Used to Hold His Button Crossing Catholic Church as His Mother Said So

Recently on his podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike, legendary boxer “Iron” Mike Tyson revealed that he once considered superstitions to be his religion. Mike said that he did not have any idea as to what he was doing, but was just following what his mother told him to do.

Tyson was born to Christian parents but late converted to Islam while he was in prison. Tyson’s history with religion is very well documented, Tyson adopted the name Malik Abdulaziz after converting to Islam. He says he studied religion extensively before taking it into consideration for leading his life.

Tyson who was speaking to Joe Rogan about religions said that he used to hold his button whenever crossing a church or a graveyard. To young Mike, that superstition was “religion”. But Tyson claims that he did not know any better as he just blindly followed his mother’s teachings.

To be noted, Tyson was raised by a single mother and has never met his Father. His parents split shortly after Mike was born. Iron Mike had a troubled life and youth, and it also had its fair share of bizarre moments as most recently revealed by Tyson and his button-touching superstition! 


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