“Fold him in half”: UFC champ Aljamain Sterling drop bold prediction on bout vs Sean O’Malley at Jake Paul’s podcast

During an appearance on Jake Paul’s podcast, UFC champion Aljamain Sterling made a daring prediction on a prospective matchup with Sean O’Malley. He confidently exclaimed, “Fold him in half,” demonstrating his belief that he could easily outmatch O’Malley in a battle.

The declaration demonstrates his self-assurance and tenacity as he anticipates prospective UFC opponents. While Sean is no pushover, Aljo has fought and defeated some of the biggest names in his division which probably provides him confidence.

Aljamain Sterling vs Sean O’Malley preview

There is a lot of excitement and hype about the possible fight between the Funk Master and the Sugar in the UFC community. O’Malley, a rising star in the division, and Sterling, the current UFC bantamweight champion, have unique fighting styles and intriguing skill sets.

Aljo is renowned for his all-around skills and solid grappling experience, which can be a challenge for most. He poses a threat on the ground due to his skill in wrestling and submission moves, and his striking has improved in recent battles. As the reigning champion, Sterling seeks to maintain his title by fighting formidable opponents and displaying his prowess inside the octagon.

The Sugar, on the other hand, is a powerful striker with an attractive and unorthodox striking style. His striking ability and inventive combinations have drawn notice and given him a considerable fan base. He is a formidable opponent for anyone in the division because of his capacity to locate unusual angles and land deadly blows.

An exciting clash of styles is expected in a prospective confrontation between Sterling and O’Malley. Sugar’s striking-focused strategy may have severe difficulties against Sterling’s grappling and ground control. O’Malley’s dynamic striking and knockout potential, on the other hand, could put Sterling’s ability to avoid injury and carry out his game plan to the test.

How many times has Aljamain Sterling defended his belt?

Indeed, Aljamain Sterling has had a successful UFC career so far. The Funk Master has established himself as a legendary figure in the bantamweight division with a career record of 23 wins and 3 losses. He has won notable fights against elite competitors like Petr Yan, Cory Sandhagen, Henry Cejudo, etc.

As of now, he has defended his belt 3 times: UFC 273 against Petr Yan on April 9, 2022, UFC 280 against TJ Dillashaw on October 22, 2022, and UFC 288 against Henry Cejudo on May 6, 2023.

Now many fans are anticipating the next main event i.e. UFC 292 to be held on August 19, 2023, between the Defending champ Aljamain Sterling and the current no. 2 contender Sean O’Malley.

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