Former UFC Bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw reveals how post-retirement stress is ruining his family life

TJ Dillashaw, the two-time UFC bantamweight champion, announced his retirement after losing to the current champion, Aljamain Sterling, as the fight caused him a serious shoulder injury, prompting him to retire. 

though he later revealed that he was in pain even before entering the octagon. However, before his retirement, this American fighter made 22 professional MMA appearances, out of which he won 17 times and lost five bouts. 

This 36-year-old recently appeared on Food Truck Diaries with Brendan Schaub, where he discussed his post-retirement life. Lieutenant Dan said that it is hard for him to be a different person at home as he cannot get rid of thinking about the fight.

“That’s been a really hard part for me. All the bulls**t, dealing with, like, the drama and what not taking it home, trying to be a different person at home than with anything else going on. That’s just gonna put you in a bad mood, then you’re going home to this wonderful child that just wants you to be dad and be cool and hang out and play f**king legos. You’re thinking about fighting and drama.”

Dillashaw shared one recent experience with his son, which happened after his retirement news got all over the media even before he personally spoke about the issue, and after that he had to explain how social media and the news media work these days.

“It just happened not too long ago. Me being all stressed out because my retirement got announced without me even getting to announce it myself. I’m like, in a bad mood, and he’s like, ‘Dad, why’s your voice so grumpy.’ It’s like, ‘Ah, I’m sorry, buddy, I’m just dealing with… and I tried to explain Instagram or media to him—people talking sh*t about my job. He’s like, ‘I don’t understand.’”


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