Former UFC featherweight Artem Lobov files second lawsuit against Conor McGregor for ‘concerted social media barrage’ with intent of ‘defaming him’

Conor Mcgregor can’t seem to catch a breath these days. Controversies and scandals are being hurled at him one by one. It started with steroid accusations against him when he posted his recovery updates on social media. Now his former friend Artem Lobov has filed back-to-back lawsuits against him.

Lobov’s first lawsuit was regarding Conor’s Proper 12 whiskey. He accused the Irish fighter of not sharing any profit despite the brand being Artem’s idea. After this lawsuit, ‘Mystic Mac’s fans naturally attacked Lobov online and now the ‘Hammer’ is filing a second lawsuit for the harassment.

Conor and Artem were former training partners. Once upon a time, Mcgregor flew across the world to attend his friend’s fights. The whole ‘bus incident’ only happened because Khabib slapped Lobov. After all these years, the same man has seemingly betrayed Conor.

The proper 12 whiskey idea initially came from Lobov. He utilized Mcgregor’s fame and his own business study knowledge to launch the brand. At that time, Conor offered him $1M in cash but he rejected the offer. Instead, Artem wanted to write about the story in his own autobiography.

That generosity seems to have faded away as the first lawsuit was filed for up to $30M in damages. ‘The Notorious’ was not happy with him as he called the Russian fighter a ‘Rat’ and wanted to hold a fight against him that decides the ownership of ‘the whole thing.’

Mcgregor’s fans are known to get defensive and this time it was no different. They swarmed in barrages to attack Artem on social media and even Conor’s father joined in. Lobov simply responded with another lawsuit citing a concerted social media barrage with the intent of harm as motive.

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