Former UFC fighter Kevin Lee converts to Islam

Kevin Lee is the recent name in the long list of combat sport athletes who have accepted Islam. He accepted Islam in October of 2021 but decided to keep the news to himself for the time being. Finally at the start of 2023 the former UFC lightweight fighter has come forward to reveal the good news to the world.

Kevin Lee had been released by the UFC after not managing to beat Daniel Rodriguez back in August of 2021. After being a free agent for a while, he was offered a contract by Khabib’s fighting promotion Eagle FC. Kevin didn’t hesitate much and made the move to the new fighting promotion to carry on his fighting legacy.

What did Kevin Lee have to say?

On January 10th of 2023, Lee took to Twitter to announce, “Since being public about my conversion as a Muslim I’ve had a lot of people reach out to give support. I see all the messages and calls I feel the love. Allah always has a plan and I’m glad I’m on the right path.”

Then he decided to clarify some confusions saying, “Just to clarify because I see the questions, I officially accepted Islam in my life in October 2021 I just have not come out publicly until recently. I want to start a podcast soon I can speak more in depth there.”

Kevin also talked about his manager Marquel Martin‘s reaction to the matter, “I’ve accepted Islam. I’ve converted over to Islam and really accepted my place in life as a Muslim. And just there alone, kind of brought me into the brotherhood of…speaking with more Muslims and me forming like more of a bond with these people and Ali is somebody I have known for years.”

“We trained together, we got deep respect for each other and he’s got a lot of relationships in MMA. So the partnership just worked out and I got Marquel’s blessings to move over.”

We too hope nothing but the best for the American for his new journey.


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