Francis Ngannou claims Jon Jones has “multiple personalities” following social media drama over failed UFC fight

Francis Ngannou, a former UFC heavyweight who departed the promotion two months ago, expressed his remarks on former light heavyweight kingpin Jon Jones saying that he has several personalities.

Francis decided to depart the Ultimate Fighting Championship earlier in January after seven successful years because he and UFC President Dana White couldn’t come to an agreement. There has been a vacancy in the heavyweight division since The Predator left.

Jon Jones and Cyril Gane will square off in the octagon in the main event of the event on March 4 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas to compete for the heavyweight title that has been vacant ever since Francis left the organization.

Jones and Francis have had an exchange of words ahead of the UFC 285 super fight. Although the two notable fighters were on excellent terms in 2021 when they both advocated for better fighter treatment, things changed after that.

Jones was frequently in talks with the organization about facing the former heavyweight champion, but the fight never materialized. A fight between The Predator and Bones would be incredibly intriguing, according to UFC fans, because Francis is recognized as the most dangerous fighter in UFC history due to his ferocious punches, while Jones is regarded as the light heavyweight kingpin.

Ngannou recently discussed his opinions about Jon Jones in an interview with The MMA hour. The Cameroonian-French fighter expressed in details what his perception about Bones is.

”Personally, I don’t have any problem with Jon Jones. I think we all know that Jon Jones has multiple personalities, and sometimes it’s even hard for him to figure out who he really is and I don’t have nothing to do with that.” said Francis.

 The 36-year-old MMA fighter expressed his thoughts regarding the upcoming heavyweight battle saying Ciryl Gane would be a very tough opponent for Jon Jones but as everyone knows Jon is a very special fighter. However, The Predator wished both of them the very best.

“I think in this fight we could have been on the same side, instead of like fighting against each other, which is exactly what the system wants. You know, to divide the most, to conquer. So, I’m not really into that game”

“I see clearly what’s happening, I understand very well what’s happening, and I wish them all the best, you know?”, Francis added.

In the heavyweight matchup between Jon Jones and Cyril Gane, who do you predict will prevail?

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