“He’s never lost a fight” Dana White reveals he tried to abolish Jon Jones’ single loss record ahead of UFC 285 bout vs Ciryl Gane

If there is one thing the UFC loves, it’s a dominant undefeated fighter. This is exactly why the UFC has been accused many times of trying to tamper with the results of a match to keep some of their stars winning. New confessions, including “He’s never lost a fight” from Dana White regarding Jon Jones, will probably add fuel to the fire.

Does Jon Jones have a loss in UFC?

Even though Jon Jones is considered one of the greatest fighters in UFC history, he did not remain undefeated; rather, he lost a bout against Matt Hamill due to a “questionable disqualification” way back in 2009!

Moreover, in a recent interview, the UFC president said, “I mean realistically — if you look at all the people that he’s fought, he’s never lost a fight. It kills me that, that one [loss] is on his record. 26-1.”

He added, “You have to understand for the people that don’t know, this was during a time when the Nevada State Athletic Commission was very weak and there was a referee in there that stopped the fight and called Jones the loser in that fight. A fight he was dominating and should have been finished. Instead of disqualifying Jones, they should have stopped the fight. Jones really should be 27-0.”

“That fight should have been stopped, it should have been over, and Jones should be 27-0. I fought hard to get that one taken off his record but I haven’t been able to get it done. It’s horrible. It’s a referee that I said a million times should not even be in the octagon [refereeing]. But what are you going to do?” he continued.

What does Dana White reveal about UFC’s undefeated obsession?

Recently, Paddy Pimblett got dominated by Jared Gordon on UFC 282. Many thought ‘Flash’ got robbed in the decision as ‘The Baddy’ was handed the undisputed win. A similar situation was seen with Sean O’Malley and Petr Yan, where many fans and fighters alike thought ‘No Mercy’ got robbed to maintain ‘Sugar’s undefeated reputation.

Furthermore, the problem with such controversies is that the authenticity of the company gets put at risk. Both Paddy and Sean have lost quite a bit of credibility amongst fighters and fans alike. Eventually, there is a strong chance that these hype trains will get stopped, and UFC fans will abandon the bandwagon.

Do you think the loss should be removed from Jones’s record? You can share your opinion in the comments. 


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  1. I watched that fight live. Matt Hamill got destroyed. He looked like he didn’t know where he was at when they raised his hand. The elbow may have been illegal but Hamill clearly didn’t deseeve a victory.


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