“Haters going to hate” Paddy Pimblett expresses disappointment over UFC 282 robbery allegation vs Jared Gordon

The former Cage Warriors fighting Championship winner Paddy Pimblett picked up his latest victory against Jared Gordon in UFC 282. Unfortunately for him, this victory did not leave a positive impact on his legacy. Even before leaving the octagon, he started receiving disapproval from different parties involved.

The 3-round fight saw the two lightweights battle it out. Gordon outstruck and outclassed him in nearly all fields on the 2 initial rounds. The third round was not much different either as Jared stuffed him against the cage pretty much the whole time.

Media outlets and fan scores indicated a unanimous victory for ‘Flash’. But the judges flipped the script over its head and gave all three rounds to ‘The Baddy’. The British fighter barely phased by the criticism. He confronted pretty much every query with his signature smugness.

“I’m bit annoyed after people saying they thought I lost. I’m pretty annoyed to be honest. But I’m 4-0 in the UFC- haters going to hate, you’ve got to get on with it”, he said.

“Nowadays, fights get scored off damage, and I’ve got a cut lip, that’s it.” he tried to justify. “I did more damage in every single round. His face is beat up. He’s got a busted nose. He’s had a little cut on his head, he had damage around his eyes.”

UFC fans are now speculating how the future matchups for Paddy Pimblett might go. Pretty much all his limitations and shortcomings have been exposed at this point. At this rate, he probably can’t stand against the elites in the lightweight division.

Here are some tweets from UFC fighters regarding this issue.

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