Francis Ngannou slams Dana White, Jon Jones over claims of avoiding fight before UFC exit

Francis Ngannou took a jab at Dana White for accusing him of constantly avoiding the fight with Jon Jones during his UFC days. The UFC president has taken the contract failures well and his recent interviews show. The former heavyweight king in response asked a counter question of the UFC president after such a controversial allegation. 

 The Cameroonian-French fighter parted ways with the UFC in January after failing to finalize a deal with the promotion. Even though many MMA enthusiasts still wanted him to continue with UFC by finalizing a deal with Dana but the heavyweight stuck to his plan of pursuing boxing professionally.

What does Francis Ngannou have to say about the claim Dana White brought against him?

In a recent interview with TMZ, The former UFC heavyweight champion refused to accept what Dana said about him. Francis and Jon Jones were in negotiations for a bout on numerous occasions, but it never materialized as the ‘Predator’s terms could have lasting implications for the combat sports world as a whole.

“Look, I wanted that fight as well, I’m the one who initiated that fight over two years ago. I wanted that fight. But where was Jon Jones at that time? I don’t know. Nobody seems interested, even Dana White. Nobody seems to be interested. They (the UFC) always find a way to go around it.” said Francis.

Jones and Francis were on good terms in 2021 when they both campaigned for better fighter treatment. In UFC 260. The Predator defeated Stipe Miocic to become the new heavyweight champion A year later, Francis defended his title against Cyril Gane. However, Bones was not around UFC during his reign even though he always had that fight.

“Today, it’s not about that fight [with Jon Jones], it’s not that they wanted to give that fight, it’s the price it was going to cost me to get that fight. I chased that fight for as long as I could and, listen, I learned in life that you have to let it go. You have to let things go, otherwise, they’ll cut your head and take your hand away. I wanted that fight so bad, and I couldn’t have it at any cost. That’s what I will always say.” Francis added. 

Francis is regarded as the most lethal heavyweight fighter in UFC history owing to his vicious punching power, and Jones is recognized to be the light-heavyweight kingpin, a bout between The Predator and Bones would probably break many records.

Jones is now expected to fight Stipe for his first heavyweight title defense. 

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