“Give this man his respect”: UFC legend Daniel Cormier urges fans to stop booing on bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling

Even though Aljamain Sterling is consistently establishing himself as one of the best bantamweight fighters in UFC history, the Funk Master had to endure jeers from the skeptics. Daniel Cormier responded by pleading the UFC fans to acknowledge Sterling’s MMA prowess and respect him as the current bantamweight champion.

In relation to Aljamain Sterling, what did Daniel Cormier say to the UFC fans?

A recent reaction video posted on Daniel Cormier’s Youtube channel covered the events of UFC 288, including Aljamain Sterling’s stint as the bantamweight champ. The UFC Hall of Famer made it loud and clear that Sterling should receive a lot more respect than what the UFC fans now provide him.

“Guys, stop booing Aljamain. Give this man his respect. This dude is doing everything you want as a champion. He’s active, he fights the best guys that they put in front of him. He wins fights. He carries himself in a way of a champion.” Cormier said.

DC thinks Sterling ought to receive more acclaim because the unfortunate incidents that took place during Funkmaster’s fights, were often not under his control. To acknowledge Sterling, the former two-division champion made a request to the fans by adding, “It’s time to stop booing Aljamain Sterling.”

Why did Newark fans boo Aljamain Sterling?

When Sterling first put the bantamweight crown after Petr Yan was disqualified, many MMA fans always questioned his legitimacy. There are still some detractors, even though the New Yorker has successfully defended the title three times now and established himself as one of the best bantamweight fighters in UFC history. 

Previously, TJ Dillashaw and Petr Yan, two former bantamweight champions, were defeated by Aljamain. Funk Master fought Henry Cejudo at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, and once again put his title on the line.

The majority of the audience in the arena seemingly supported Triple C, so even though Sterling successfully withstood Cejudo’s attacks and kept his gold strap, the Newark crowd continued to boo him and DC found it absolutely disrespectful. 

“It sucks that this happens time and time again, and in Newark, which is close to New York. It didn’t make any sense, I don’t know what this man has to do to garner your respect. If tonight wasn’t enough, you’re just never gonna be satisfied.” Cormier added.

What is next for the Funk Master? 

The 33-year-old fighter, who ranks sixth in the UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings, is presently on a nine-fight winning streak. No other UFC bantamweight competitor has ever successfully defended their championship three times in a row.

The most current information provided by Dana White following the UFC 288 press conference indicates that Funk Master will most likely fight O’Malley on Saturday, August 19, 2023, at Boston’s TD Garden for his fourth title defense bout. 

Do you think Aljamain Sterling has accomplished enough to earn the title of “GOAT of the 135-lb”? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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