“Great path to increasing fighter pay”: Jake Paul response to Vince McMahon’s WWE allegedly merging with Dana White’s UFC

The notorious YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul has long conflicted with UFC President Dana White, accusing the promotion of underpaying and mistreating its athletes. However, in a recent twist of events, Jake believes that the UFC’s parent company, Endeavor, acquiring WWE could be the key to improving fighter pay in the UFC.

Paul has beaten some of the world’s leading boxers, including Tyron Woodley and Anderson Silva, despite being widely seen as an outsider by most in the MMA community. Yet, he remains at odds with the organization’s top brass because of his public feud with them.

Jake Paul

Endeavor’s Billion-Dollar Power Move: The UFC + WWE Merger Speculates Jake Paul

Paul suggested that UFC + WWE make too much sense on Twitter in response to recent reports that Endeavor is close to finalizing a $9.3 billion deal to acquire WWE. “Great path to increasing fighter pay.”

As part of the proposed merger, Endeavor will establish a new public company to oversee the UFC and WWE. WWE owners would control 49% of the company, while Endeavor/UFC would possess 51%. Endeavor The firm was founded in the year 2009 and it is overseen by Chief Executive Officer Ari Emanuel and executive chairman Patrick Whitesell, who will persist to lead both enterprises.

The UFC president Dana White will remain, while WWE CEO Nick Khan will continue to lead the world leader in professional wrestling. The acquisition of WWE is set to be officially revealed as early as Monday, according to CNBC. The company Endeavor acquired the UFC’s controlling shareholding in 2016 and completed the acquisition of the remaining stockholders in 2021.

The Collision of Combat Sports: Can the UFC-WWE Merger Bring Prosperity to Fighters?

In 2019, the UFC and ESPN inked a five-year broadcast agreement, giving ESPN the exclusive home of UFC pay-per-views. WWE must renew the contract in 2023, at the same time as the company’s television rights contracts with NBCUniversal, and Fox expires.

It is unclear whether the acquisition would result in increased fighter compensation in the UFC. Yet, as Jake Paul notes, it may be a positive move. Only time will tell if the UFC and WWE can land a one-two punch of success and prosperity for their fighters. Until then, fans will have to sit ringside and wait for the final bell.

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