“Don’t blame him”: Boxing fans come forward to support Conor Benn after he slapped journalist’s mic off his hands

On Saturday night during the Anthony Joshua vs Jermaine Franklin fight. Welterweight contender Conor Benn made waves that went beyond his performance in the ring.

Rather than his boxing skills, it was his refusal to participate in a talkSPORT interview that caused a commotion. Benn’s rejection came in the form of him slapping journalist Gareth A Davies’ microphone out of his hand.

Conor Benn
Boxer Conor Benn 19th June

Davies was dispatched on a wandering task by talkSPORT, who was covering the occasion, to obtain interviews around the ring approximately 90 minutes prior to AJ’s planned entrance. While serving as the talkSPORT Fight Night presenter, he stumbled upon Benn in the VIP section but couldn’t converse with him.

As he strolled around the ring area, Davies provided a commentary on his whereabouts and stated, “I’m very close to Conor Benn, I just want to say hello to-” However, Benn intervened at that point and smacked his talkSPORT microphone out of the way.

Conor Benn

Sparking a contentious discussion among fans and media. While some people defended Benn’s behavior, others interpreted it as a manifestation of arrogance and a lack of respect towards journalists.

Conor Benn: The King of Controversy 

What prompted Benn to react in such a manner? The 26-year-old fighter has been at the center of controversy over the last year, following two positive drug tests that caused the cancellation of his planned bout with Chris Eubank Jr.

The media’s relentless criticism of Benn only fueled the fire. Was Benn’s response justifiable? Did he have the authority to turn down the interview, or was his conduct unprofessional?

“Well he’s knocked the microphone off, he doesn’t wanna talk tonight I’m afraid,” said Davies. “He’s got his security guy and he’s just knocked the microphone out of my hand. He clearly doesn’t wanna do anything. That’s the arrogance of youth, unfortunately.”

The contrasting responses from supporters imply that Benn’s choice to decline an interview by smacking Davies’ microphone away was divisive.

In summary, Conor Benn’s decision to decline an interview by hitting Gareth A Davies’ microphone has generated significant buzz in the sports community.

Although some supporters have expressed their backing of Benn, claiming that the media unjustly maligned him. Others have condemned his actions as conceited and unprofessional.

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