LSU’s Alexis Morris bashes Iowa’s Caitlin Clark with “put some respect on LSU” statement but fans are baffled

The LSU Tigers clinched their first NCAA championship by defeating the Iowa Hawkeyes last night at the American Airlines Center, and Alexis Morris didn’t take much time to stick it to the Hawkeyes’ star, Caitlin Clark.

The tension rose as the Hawkeyes star point guard started to wreak havoc game after game, and finally, they reached the championship game for the first time. The Tigers, on the other hand, seemed to get less appreciation and attention in Caitlin’s shadow until the last night.

After the game, the Tigers started to take all the spotlight towards them, and Alexis took a jab at the Hawkeyes star.

What did Alexis Morris say to Caitlin Clark?

After the game, the 23-year-old guard took the chance to stick it to this year’s Wade Trophy winner. “Caitlin, you had an amazing game. You’re a great player. But you got to put respect on LSU,” she said. “You got to put respect on my name,” and the drama begins.

With this statement, she called Clark out openly, and it was not a professional way to react when you are a national champion. Arrogance and audacity seem at their best with this attitude coming out of a senior member of the team.

The fans, on the other hand, were divided into two groups as they didn’t understand the context or reasoning behind her bold and daring comment.

How did the fans react to Alexis Morris’ statement?

It was not clear what Clark did to deserve such a notion from the opponent; however, there was an incident in Hawkeyse’s last game against the South Carolina Gamecocks. She was seen several times making a neglectful gesture toward the Gamecock players, and the Tigers players took it personally.

One fan asked on Twitter, “When did Clark disrespect LSU? Not hating just wondering I keep hearing she did but haven’t seen anything.”

One fan replied to the comment, “She isn’t saying Clark disrespected LSU, she is saying that Clark has to respect her (and her school).”

Another one also wrote, “Yea lmao I dont get this.”

Furthermore, it seems that Alexis got personally offended because she thought she wasn’t worthy enough for Caitlin’s consideration. “I don’t think you can just leave me open on the perimeter or leave us open on the perimeter. Me personally, I find it very disrespectful,” Morris said prior to the game.

Her teammate Angel Reese also took a shot at Clark and said, “Caitlin Clark is a hell of a player for sure. But I don’t take disrespect lightly. And she disrespected Alexis and my girls—South Carolina, they still my SEC girls, too.”

Whatever the case, it seems that the ladies made it too complicated, and after they became champions, they felt they had to show it to the losing team to prove their worth. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section.

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