NFL Insider reveals latest update on Joe Burrow’s contract situation and potential earnings on extension with Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are trying to sign a long-term extension deal with their star quarterback, Joe Burrow, to secure him for the foreseeable future, but the details of this deal seem nearly impossible to find.

Both parties are taking extra precautions to keep things private as they negotiate the possible offer. Moreover, Joe prefers to keep it low-key as he is eyeing a heavy paycheck that would make him the highest-paid quarterback in the league.

However, in the midst of all these undisclosed details, NFL insider Jeremy Fowler has shed some light on the potential contract extension.

What is the latest update on the potential extension deal of Joe Burrow?

Jeremy explores several fronts to determine whether the 26-year-old is getting into negotiation in his third year of rookie contracting. “To do this early, just three years into his rookie deal, to try to spread out that salary-cap hit,” he believes

His acclamation supports the activity of the franchise regarding the Maxwell Award winner. Speculations suggest the Bengals are trying to keep him long-term so they can spread the pressure on the salary cap.

It would also be beneficial for the 2021 comeback player of the year, as he can land a big payday if the franchise can overcome the salary cap issue with a long-term extension deal. Fowler also provided his best assumption about what the offer might contain.

The quarterback signed a four-year rookie contract worth $36.1 million in 2020, and after three years, he reached a position where he looked to deserve a hefty payday. Though there are very few professionals earning that much money from their rookie contacts, he expects to reach the top-earning slot.

Currently, legendary quarterback Aaron Rodgers is earning the most, $50 million a season, and the Bengals might offer around $48 million for five years. However, Burrow’s age is a major factor, so the Bengals might push for a six-year deal worth $41 million to ease the salary cap.

In reality, based on my observations, it could cost $45 million over five years for Joe Burrow. We will know for sure when the announcement comes forward or if any information gets leaked. Meanwhile, stay tuned to SportsZion.

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