‘Haha wtf happened to you man’ Conor McGregor takes jab at Artem Lobov after Proper 12 whiskey lawsuit gets denied

Despite the fact that Conor McGregor hasn’t competed since July 2021 due to back-to-back losses to Dustin Poirier and severe injuries sustained in the last bout, the Irish fighter is still the most popular name in the UFC at the moment.

Recently, bad luck seemed to haunt Conor, as Notorious was dropped from the UFC rankings last week for the first time in eight years, and his former sparring partner and friend, Artem Lobov, filed a lawsuit against Conor last month.

The Russian hammer claims that he was accountable for 5% of the Irish Proper 12 whisky brand sale, and the 34-year-old didn’t share the money with him after selling the shares. The court has begun hearings on the lawsuit, and the first round has been declared in favor of the Irish fighter.

Conor’s lawyers presented some private messages in court where the Russian fighter stated several times that he didn’t want money from the deal. One of the messages of Lobov is:

“Let me start by saying that I swear on my child’s life I will NOT take a cent out of the whiskey deal!!!. That is something I enjoyed doing, and the thought of knowing that I helped you with something keeps me warm on the coldest of nights.”

Despite the fact that it is a multi-million-dollar case, Justice Denis McDonald announced last Thursday that it will not be heard in the fast-paced Irish Commercial Court due to the court’s “scarce resources” and the “lapse of time” between the deal and the lawsuit. 

Conor celebrated [deleted later on] his first-round lawsuit victory in notorious style, mocking Lobov with screenshots from his Twitter account:

“Swearing on your child’s life is ludicrous, pal. Actually revolting. “Keeps me warm on the coldest of nights,” haha f**k sake lad wtf happened to you man? Piss off and leave me alone how about that lad? F**king turncoat p**k.”

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