Harry Kane brutally shocks with frank admission: “Dude looks absolutely broken and at no fault of his own”

Tottenham Hotspur star Harry Kane admits his club losing some of its core values from its days with Mauricio Pochettino in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports.

The current Tottenham Hotspur is just a shadow of its former self. The London-based club suffered a gnarly defeat against Liverpool earlier today. The game was a 4-3 thriller, with Liverpool clinching it out in the 94th minute, right after Richarlison equalized it for Tottenham in the 93rd!

Harry Kane

In recent months, the Tottenham managerial team has seen a massive change. Antonio Conte was sacked from the manager position at the end of March, and interim manager Cristian Stellini followed his path after suffering a 6-1 defeat against Newcastle United.

In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Harry Kane spoke about the club losing its values former manager Mauricio Pochettino once incited.

Harry Kane believes Tottenham has “lost its way”

In an interview with Sky Sports, Kane acknowledged that the team has become somewhat disoriented in recent years.

“When you’ve been here this long, I’ve been here since I was 11 years old, you understand what the fans are like, you understand what the club’s like. You’ve been through good moments with the club, I’ve been through not-so-good moments,” he said.

“Values are…everyone wants to win and everyone wants to lift trophies and that’s ultimately our aim every year. But we’re in a different situation to some of the clubs around us and we have to accept that but still find a way to improve and get better.

“We probably haven’t been doing that in recent years so ultimately it’s about getting back to competing right at the very top and our squad has got enough talent to do that.

“Ultimately, there’s some things that may need to change I think everyone is doing everything they can to try and achieve that. But when you look at the competition in the Premier League now, the fine line between being one of the top clubs and 10th or 11th is very slim and you have to make sure you’re on it in every department.”

With the recent losses, Tottenham Hotspur is out of the Premier League’s top 4 finish. They will be looking to undergo a major overhaul of their squad by the end of the season.

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