“He gives up his neck for the submission or I pound him out”: UFC champion Aljamain Sterling sends stern warning to Henry Cejudo

Aljamain Sterling the champ adorns the coveted mantle of the UFC bantamweight division for now. At UFC 288 at the Prudential Centre in Newark, the former two-division champ Henry Cejudo will try to snatch the title from him.

With a confident demeanor and a clear game plan, Sterling is looking to make a bold statement against Cejudo.

Aljamain Sterling

The Funkmaster’s Confident Showdown Prediction: UFC Champ Aljamain Sterling Sends Stern Warning to Henry Cejudo

Sterling, known as “The Funkmaster,” has been dominating the bantamweight division with his impressive ground game, overpowering ex-champs Petr Yan and T.J. Dillashaw in his previous title defenses. Cejudo, who is coming back from a more than a three-year layoff. With his sights set on Cejudo, Sterling is not holding back in his prediction for the fight.

“I think I can stop him in the second round,” Sterling told Inside Fighting. “That’s the plan with the way I’m training. I think he’s gonna be tough to get out of there in the first round. I think it’ll be a feeling out process, maybe trying to gas him out a little bit and get him on the back foot. If I can get him down, that’ll be ideal. Once I get the takedown secured I just pound him, and either he gives up his neck for the submission or I pound him out.”

Sterling is super confident in his ground game, and he feels Cejudo will have a difficult battle ahead.

The Countdown Begins: Sterling’s Quest for Greatness and a Potential Featherweight Future

However, he also acknowledges that the limited time in the bantamweight realm. Thus, hinting at a potential move up to featherweight after a couple of more fights. “I think one, two – I think two at the most,” Sterling said. “Then it would be up to featherweight, see how I do with those guys over there. I mean I do a pretty good job in the room, just more so just getting acclimated to the weight, the strength, and making sure I can compete with those guys.”

With Sterling’s bold prediction and determination to continue his dominance in the bantamweight division, all eyes will be on the UFC 288 headliner as fans eagerly anticipate an electrifying showdown between “The Funkmaster” and Cejudo.

Will Sterling’s ground game prove to be too much for Cejudo, or will the former champ make a triumphant return? UFC fans are in for an exciting night on May 6th.

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