Heat’s Kyle Lowry Compares Himself to Wolverine on Recovering from Left Hamstring after Game 3 loss vs Hawks

Miami Heat Point Guard Kyle Lowry has compared himself to Wolverine when asked if his hamstring injury could prevent him from playing in the fourth match of their series against the Atlanta Hawks.

Miami heat went into the third game of the playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks with a 2-0 lead, knowing that a victory would put them firmly in control of the tie. Well, they almost had the coveted victory, until Trae young decided to reverse the narrative by scoring the winner with 4.4 seconds left on the clock. 

This leaves the series wide open as a comeback could well be on the cards with the Hawks carrying a lot of the momentum heading into game four. It wasn’t just the scoreline that went against the Heat, an injury to star point-guard Kyle Lowry has also dampened the mood around the Miami-based outfit.

When asked about his injury post-game, the six-time NBA all-star said that he has an issue on his left hamstring that has him “pissed the f**k off*, and he plans to get round-the-clock treatment before the next game. When further asked if there are any chances of missing game four, he simply replied,” I’m Wolverine”.

Wolverine is a well-known fictional character from the Marvel comic and cinematic franchises. Wolverine’s capacity to recover far faster than the ordinary human is one of his most remarkable powers. His cells replenish at a far faster pace than normal, giving him extraordinary healing capabilities.

If the Heat is to maintain their advantage over the Hawks, they will need their star point guard to indeed recover as quickly as Wolverine.


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