Watch Mike Tyson making Dana White give up his Airplane seat to “Stay Alive”

Former boxing world champion Mike Tyson has become the center of attention after he punched a man several times while traveling on JetBlue airlines. The man was later identified as Melvin George Townsend III. Townsend is an ex-felon.

As the story goes, Townsend was overly enthusiastic when he saw Tyson get on the plane. He even took photos with Tyson, but things soon went sour right after. Townsend was apparently annoying Tyson, which resulted in Tyson telling Townsend to “stay quiet”. But the ex-convict did not heed Tyson’s demands, and allegedly threw a bottle at Iron Mike.

This sparked a physical altercation, as Tyson repeatedly punched the man enough that he got bruises on his head. Although both Townsend and his attorney claim that no bottle was thrown, he is yet to press any charges against Mike Tyson.

Following this controversial event, many people have shared their views. One of the most popular amongst those is UFC President Dana White who posted a video on Twitter where Mike Tyson bullies  Dana into giving up his seat on the plane. 




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