Kyrie Irving fears getting fined again, deflects fan provocation

Kyrie Irving seemingly ignores hostile fans during the second game in the Nets-Celtics playoff series. His submissive gestures suggest fear of paying another hefty fine.

Brooklyn nets ace point guard Kyrie Irving stirred up quite a ruckus during the first match of the playoff series between the Nets and the Celtics by flipping off the hostile Boston crowd. Irving was fined $ 50,000 for his antics during the game.

In a recent video that surfaced online, Irving was seen making hand gestures in the court which suggested that he was talking about money. It seems that the fine has caused Irving to think twice before reacting to fan hostility. 

NBA legends Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley also did not like Irving’s actions during the first game. Shaq was quoted saying ‘You Don’t Think People Said Stuff to Charles Barkley?’ in response to Irving acting immaturely on the court. Irving was adamant in the post-game-1 press conference that he would continue to match “the crowd’s energy” in the subsequent games. But despite the crowds’ continued animosity, Irving kept quiet all game. 

Irving and his teammates could not however rally up and defeat the Celtics. They lost the game 107-114 and are 0-2 in the series overall. 


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