“F**K That, It’s the Playoffs” Nets Kyrie Irving Speaks up on In-Game Hostility after Flipping off Celtics Fans

Kyrie Irving flips off the Boston crowd, and reacts to hostility from former fans!

Kyrie Irving, the star point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, has had an interesting opening day in the NBA playoffs. It was a rematch with his previous squad, the Boston Celtics. There was no love lost between the Celtics fans and Irving, as the crowd berated and chided his every move. Irving retaliated in kind by flipping the crowd off.

Kyrie Irving, the former Boston Celtics point guard has been the target of abuse from the Celtics fans ever since he left the team to join the Brooklyn Nets back in 2019. Irving spent two seasons with the Celtics where he averaged 24.1 points, 6.1 assists, and 4.4 rebounds in 127 games. Since moving to the Nets, Irving has been on electric form. The Celtics however are leading the series 1-0 after edging out a 115-114 win.

In the post-game press conference, Irving pleaded that he was just returning the same energy that the fans were giving to him, saying that he relishes the responses of the opposing crowd as a competitor. This experience is not new for Irving at the TD Garden, as his former home has shown him nothing but hostility since he left them for greener pastures.

With 6 games remaining in this series, the back and forth between Kyrie Irving and the Celtics fans are set to produce some of the feistiest moments in recent NBA history!


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