Henry Cejudo claims to be tougher than Islam Makhachev after watching UFC 284, wants Alexander Volkanovski fight

Leading up to UFC 284, Henry Cejudo had made quite a few video’s on his YouTube Channel regarding the main event. While the former champion picked Makhachev to win, the fight was very close. So now ‘Triple C’ himself wants to step in against the featherweight King and show how it’s done.

The former two-division champion had this to say in his defense, “So, a lot of people are dismissing me now. Alexander Volkanovski had an amazing performance against a guy who has never been in five rounds with somebody for the first time. Kudos, Alexander. You did a great job. You went all five rounds, and people thought you won.”

“The problem that I have is when I went up a weight class I stopped ’em. There was no decision that I was going to allow the judges to take this from me. I went out there, I stopped him, and I did what I had to do to really solidify yourself as champ-champ,” he added.

He rested his case saying, “OK, he defended a couple of takedowns, but guess what? Islam’s not an Olympic champion. Guess what? Islam doesn’t have my striking. Guess what? He’s not faster than me. Guess what? Yeah, he is bigger than me, but I’m a smaller target. It’s the same reason why people are super problematic with Alexander Volkanovski. He’s short, he’s fun size.”

How would Henry Cejudo stack up against Henry Cejudo?

Makhachev admitted after the fight, that the short build of Alexander was giving him a lot of trouble implementing his ground game properly. Henry does not have the same issues but still has the ground game to match the Dagestani. ‘The king of Cringe’ also has a lot of Knockout power in his hands which can pose a threat to Volk.

On the other hand, he has been analyzing the 145 lb champion for such a long time that ‘Triple C’ has probably developed a more clear idea about the featherweight. If he goes into the fight in a non-dismissive, focused manner then the results could come in his favor. His bout against Aljamain Sterling was canceled too leaving him open for another match.

Who do you think would win if Cejudo and Volkanovski decided to duke it out?


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