“His turn now”: Lakers LeBron James sends a strong message to the basketball world, highlighting Bryce James’ potential

In his junior year, LeBron James made global headlines when he appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, where the publication referred to him as ‘The Chosen One.’ It seems, though, that ‘The Akron Hammer’ already anticipates that his youngest one Bryce will most definitely emerge as one of the new predominant forces at the high school level.

LeBron James knows it is “His turn now” when it comes to Bryce’s game and by all means, is living the American dream as he sees his sons take strides toward a flourishing career in the NBA.

LeBron James sends a cryptic warning

The heartbreaking 113-111 loss to the Denver Nuggets last month marked the end of the Los Angeles Lakers season. LeBron James, the star of the Los Angeles Lakers, provided a dramatic cliffhanger in this finale, much as in so many other Nolanesque thrillers.

“We’ll see what happens going forward,” during his post-game press conference, James said, “Just for me, personally, going forward with the game of basketball I’ve got a lot to think about.” These were James’ last words as he wrapped up his 20th NBA season with a close-to triple-double in an ignominious elimination from the playoffs. James has never been swept in a non-Finals series before in his career.

The L-Train‘ has repeatedly stated that before retiring, he wants to play in the league with Bronny, his oldest child. LeBron’s position has suddenly changed, though. Bronny announced his plans to attend USC for the upcoming season of college basketball. “I was serious and I’m still serious about it,” after Bronny committed, he notified the media.

“Obviously I got to continue to keep my body and my mind fresh. I think my mind, most importantly. If my mind goes then my body will just be like, ‘OK, what are we doing?’ So, but, at the end of the day, either if I am or if I’m not, I’ve done what I’ve had to do in this league and my son is going to take his journey. And whatever his journey, however his journey plays out, he’s going to do what’s best for him.” LeBron James’ youngest child, Bryce James, departed Sierra Canyon High School to pursue his talents at Campbell Hall.

What is the age of Bryce James?

Bryce finally made his debut for his new squad a few days ago in front of jubilant spectators and proud parents. Bryce, who turned 16 recently, was lately welcomed by his teammates and the school. Post playing with his elder Bro Bronny James, and, the son of Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen, Justin Pippen, the previous season, he parted ways with the Blazers.

LeBron James

The youngest James brother has teamed up with Richard Hamilton II, the son of former NBA great Richard “Rip” Hamilton, to attract the attention of Division I institutions in the coming years. One of their teammates is Baron Bellamy, the offspring of the famous comedian Bill “Booty Call” Bellamy. David Grace, who the school hired in April, will lead Bryce James and the Vikings.

Grace has an enormous coaching background. Last year, he was the head coach at Centennial High School in Peoria, Arizona. Moreover, Grace worked as an assistant coach at California, Oregon State, UCLA, Vanderbilt, and Oregon. In the opinion of LeBron James his son’s basketball career move, playing for Campbell Hall is the ideal step. Bryce hopes to play in the NBA as Bronny James does in the future.


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