“I am so bummed out” Joe Rogan offers his uncensored take on Francis Ngannou UFC release

Francis Ngannou is set to leave UFC and join the crossover fight stage, Misfits Boxing. Many fans and UFC veterans including Joe Rogan is very disappointed after the news. However, the predator is excited to start his boxing career with a bout against Derek Chisora, which has been announced.

The former heavyweight champion is set to leave the UFC for good. A lot of people have commented on the news, and most of them are negative about it. Although there are some positive opinions about starting a new journey at Misfits Boxing, the majority of people are disappointed. On that note, Joe Rogan, the UFC’s color commentator, has given his controversial take on the matter.

Joe Rogan is well-known for his provocative comments, which he posts on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast. In the podcast show, he mostly talks about the most recent issues, where he offers his thoughts and goes into greater detail. Recently, in response to Ngannou’s leaving the UFC, the 55-year-old remarked,

“I’m so bummed out, man; I do not like this whole thing. I do not like this at all. I do not like when a champion leaves. I do not like having the best guy in the world not be the champion. I do not like the best guy in the world not fighting for the title against Jon.”

The 36-year-old later gave a little hint about his departure from the biggest MMA organization. The Cameroonian-French MMA fighter is not satisfied with the company’s health insurance and sponsors; there is also a low payment issue, which is a huge cause of a lot of fighters’ resignations. Regardless of that, the predator is all set to fight against “Del Boy” as his first match inside the ring.



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