‘I don’t want any way to cheat’ Bobby Green reveals why his fight vs Jim Miller at UFC 276 was scrapped

The fight between Bobby Green and Jim Miller from UFC 276 earlier in the event was canceled for an unexpected cause. The surprising revelation has a significant impact on Bobby Green’s life.

Green clarified the situation in his most recent Instagram video. How the USADA drug test caused the match to be called off. Green uttered, “He was in training practicing for the fight but all of a sudden got a call from UFC that informs him he had tested positive for a banned substance.”

Bobby Green recently posted a video on Instagram with the title of “I’m really sorry guys, I f***ed up.”


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In his 36-minute video of himself, he is mostly explaining the matter. He claimed to be interested in all natural supplements that could help him maintain his physical fitness and maintain an “edge” as he ages. Plus, he displayed some of the many supplements that Joe Rogan had recommended.

As a matter of fact, the supplement that was banned and found at Green’s house was DHEA. DHEA supplements are mainly used by the people who believe they can improve their sex drive, build muscle, fight the effects of aging. Green took the supplements despite the fact that they may contain some risks.

According to USADA, Dehydroepiandrosterone, also known as DHEA, is a forbidden steroid that is not allowed to be used during athletic competition and is classified as an anabolic agent by USADA. To protect clean competition and the integrity sport and prevent doping in the United States with a performance-enhancing substance.

Green provided an answer to everyone’s questions as well. He said in an Instagram video that his wife, who purchased the pills from the nearby Wall Mart, and a doctor he usually follows on YouTube, is the one who suggested DHEA.

Green also said, “I would never try to cheat, I would never try to lie to my public. I’m against drugs, I’m against PEDs. I would never even think about those things. I’ve never even looked at the site to know what is banned and what is not. I don’t give a f*ck because I don’t pay attention to drugs. That’s not my issue.”

Green could have gotten much longer suspension if he revealed the details about the situation too early. USADA didn’t like the fact how he explained himself casually in public. But considering it was his first time so he could get a year or two suspension.

Although, in the end he admitted it was his fault and he could have been more careful about the situation. USADA just did their part, it is not their fault.

He said, “I f***ed up and I’m taking responsibility. … I don’t want any way to cheat. I do not want any edge that’s not natural over any of my opponents. I believe my skills should pay the bills.”

Bobby Green is the former king of the cage lightweight champion and junior welterweight champion. He started his MMA career in 2008. Throughout his rollercoaster career he had some amazing fights. But the latest incident is going to be costly for his career as a whole.


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