“I hope you’ve been training my guy” Jon Jones immediately calls out Stipe Miocic in octagon following UFC 285 victory vs Ciryl Gane

Jon Jones triumphantly returned to the octagon yesterday, but as soon as the bout concluded, he set himself a future target by challenging the former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic to the next fight.

After almost three years, Jon Jones returned to the octagon on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, but did that affect how he performed? Not at all; instead, he finished his opponent like a lion in charge, looking bigger and more powerful, and more resilient than ever.

The former light heavyweight king returned to the UFC with more than just the intention of standing in as the heavyweight champion since Francis Ngannou left the promotion. He has bigger goals, and with that extra weight, he gained, Bones wants to establish himself as a heavyweight king now. 

Jones, after beating Cyril Gane in the first round with a guillotine choke, expressed his gratitude in the octagon interview for the fans who prayed for him. 

“For all you prayer warriors out there, I felt you so strongly all week. I just wanna thank each and every one of you for praying for me.”

While asked how he planned to take on the French Heavyweight, the 35-year-old American MMA star stated that he had the firm conviction that if he could be able to get Gane down to the ground, the fight would be in his area as he has been wrestling since he was 12 years old. 

Who did Jon Jones call out after becoming the Heavyweight Champion?

For the next fight, Bones once more announced that he would be interested in fighting Stipe Miocic, a former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion and foe of former Heavyweight superstar Francis Ngannou.

“Stipe Miocic, I hope you’ve been training my guy. You are the greatest Heavyweight of all time, and that’s what I want. And I want you, real bad.” Jones called out Miocic. 

Miocic was stunned at the gallery as he just witnessed Jones’ amazing return to the octagon. He probably had a shiver down his spine as he sat there without smiling or nodding, wondering how he would withstand the new heavyweight king. 

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