‘I never got him pissed off’ Ex-NBA SG Byron Scott reveals secret strategy to guard Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, the greatest scorer the NBA nation has ever witnessed, is such a player whose name has turned to an adjective used during appraisal. During his prime, MJ was an integral part of the Chicago Bulls who consequently rewarded the Bulls with six NBA championships.

This goes without saying that tackling the GOAT of basketball is not everyone’s cup of tea. Former Lakers shooting guard Bryan Scott reveals interesting techniques to deal with the arguably best player of NBA.  

Now even if we put aside the legend’s skills and tactics with the ball, it demands something out of the box to be as great a player as Jordan. The ability to influence opponent’s behavior on the court is a significant feature of Jordan. There were many instances in which he engaged in trash talking about his competitors to establish dominance over any player in an intense game.

However, it is natural to guess – responding with their own brand of trash talk to Jordan can give them a chance to distract him. But certainly, the truth beholds something entirely different.   

Bryan Scott’s trick to deal with the MJ

The Los Angeles Lakers legend, Bryan Scott unveiled that the best method to deter Jordan is to be cordial to him instead of catching up his outrageous tone. In place of arguing back, treating the NBA legend with tenderness might derail him since amiable behavior would be the last thing to receive from an opponent in a heated moment.

“I enjoyed guarding Mike. The one thing I did with Mike was I never got him pissed off. He make a shot, you say ‘Good shot, Mike.’ You don’t talk trash to him so he could go off for 60. You tryna kill him with kindness,” said the Lakers SG in an interview.

Jordan bore a “killer’s mentality” throughout his days in the league. If anyone dared to argue with “His Airness,” he simply responded with a smashing performance on the court. Scott, though, says that the sole way to tackle the five-time MVP is by being too nice to him.

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