“I walk in and see the backdrop, damn I am in the NBA Finals” Jayson Tatum gets emotionally overwhelmed while living the dream

Boston Celtics’ forward guard Jayson Tatum doesn’t hesitate to express his overwhelming excitement over being in the upcoming NBA finals against the golden state warriors. The youngster had to travel a tough road to the final along with his team, and his celebration over reaching the finals showed just how desired and anticipated this was to him. 

When asked about a key moment in the run for the NBA finals in a recent interview, Tatum became nostalgic and emotional in his answer.

“It’s tough to just choose one moment, you know. I just kind of reverted back to being a kid, watching the finals every year growing up. Every kid could imagine yourself being in the NBA and being in the finals, but actually living out your dream in real time, is a surreal feeling.” 

Tatum goes on to add that sometimes he has to pinch himself to remind him that this is really happening, because at times it still feels like a dream to him. The Celtics forward guard’s feelings are justified, as this would be his first time playing in a NBA final.

The Celtics were far from favorites this season, after their lose in the first round last year and a disappointing start in this season. Even being in the playoffs was starting to seem like a far-fetched dream for the team, but to everyone’s wonder they recovered and made it to the final for the first time since 2010.

While leading his team to the final, Jayson Tatum also bagged his first ever Larry Bird Eastern Conference Finals MVP award.


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