“I have never cared about Paddy’s opponents” Chael Sonnen drops brutally honest bomb on Paddy Pimblett’s fights

Chael Sonnen has hit out at Paddy Pimblett’s choice of opponents, saying that his opponents have never piqued Sonnen’s interest.

Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett has taken the UFC by storm ever since his debut against Luigi Vendramini. The Scouse couldn’t have asked for a better debut as he knocked out Vendramini in the first round. In his second fight, Paddy picked up a submission win over Kazula Vargas.

Paddy is scheduled to find Jordan Leavitt. Leavitt wasn’t afraid of pulling some taking the first shot at his fellow lightweight contender

“Honestly I was a bit offended because he’s been kind of picking fights that are easy, Leavitt said, “I’m like, I must have looked really bad in my last fight to get this fight, so very flattered, kind of offended, but also excited.

“I’m kind of excited because they’re gonna get quiet when I finish the fight. They’re probably gonna riot when I twerk on them, so I’m excited. I’m really excited to meet him, I think he’s hilarious, I think the fight’s gonna be a lot of fun, and I’m intrigued to see how it’s gonna go.”

Indeed Pimblett’s choice of opponents has always elicited polarized opinions. A very self-hyping trash talker, Paddy has garnered quite the reputation just with his words. Even though he has two finishes, not everyone has been impressed with him given he has only fought unranked opponents.

One such unimpressed onlooker is former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen. Sonnen also expressed his excitement to watch Jordan Leavitt fight against Pimblett.

“I didn’t know Paddy was booked to fight. I have never cared for any of his opponents. That does not make me a jerk. They have never done their job; not one of them. A potential opponent in (Jared) Gordon was interested in, but he ended up not getting the fight. For the first time ever I’m interested in who his opponent is.”

Paddy The Baddy will be looking for a finish to continue his hot streak, and hopefully change Sonnen’s view of him.

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