“I Want You at Your Biggest, Baddest and Best” Michael Chandler Calls Out Conor McGregor after Brutal KO Win over Tony Ferguson in UFC 274

Michael Chandler has called out Connor McGregor after his spectacular knockout victory of Tony Ferguson.

UFC 274 was already a banger of a card. Despite having two title fights, there was still a lot of focus on the fight between Michael Chandler and Tony Ferguson. Both these fighters were coming off consecutive losses. Chandler had lost two in a row, whilst Ferguson had lost three on the bounce. So a win here was absolutely essential for both fighters and their hint for gold.

This urgency was very palpable in the first round. Both fighters came out all guns blazing and stunned each other every now and then. After such an intense first round, it was expected that the next two rounds would be equally intense. But Michael Chandler had other ideas. As soon as the round started, he hit Ferguson with a high leg kick right to the chin. Ferguson was knocked out immediately, and remained unconscious for a good few minutes.

Such was the brutal nature of the kick, that many people are considering it the best knockout that they have ever seen inside the octagon. Speaking to Joe Rogan after the fight, Chandler called out Connor McGregor, and said that he wants to fight Connor at his “biggest, baddest, and best at 170 lbs.”

Although both of these fighters are in the lightweight division, a step up to 170 lbs would mean that they fight in the welterweight division.

McGregor, who is one of the biggest names in the business, has been out recovering from injury after his loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. Whilst it remains to be seen who McGregor will fight next once he returns to the octagon, a fight between him and Chandler will not disappoint anyone. 

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