“I wanted to have my last fight in Brazil” Mauricio Rua sadly announces retirement from all sports at UFC 283

Former Brazilian UFC lightweight champion Mauricio Rua announced his retirement at the UFC 283 media day on Wednesday, saying he wants to compete one last time in his home country.

“I wanted to have my last fight in Brazil. It’s going to be tough. Every fight is a lot of emotions, a lot of adrenaline and nervousness, but being the last fight and everything, I’m going to have to be focused and get through that.”

Things were not going well for Rua recently, as he lost back-to-back fights at the UFC while lacking fighting intensity, which is the reason why Shogun simply wanted to stop, saying that some people may return from retirement, but for him, this is the end, and he will not fight again.

“I’m going to really stop. There are a lot of people that retire and come back a year later, but I don’t like that. I’m retiring from all sports. I could’ve stopped a few years ago, but I really didn’t want to regret stopping at the wrong time. So it’s something very personal. My wife wanted me to stop ever since we got married. But I think I’m making this choice at the right time.”

In the same event, the 41-year-old said her wife wanted him to stop fighting the day they got married, and as he didn’t want to regret his decision, he is retiring now.

And at the last part of his retirement announcement speech, this 41-27-13 pro-MMA holder thanked God for everything and also mentioned that he would be retiring as a successful guy.

“I’m very thankful for my career, very honored, thankful to God. When I finish fighting, which is going to be this Saturday, I can say I’m very honored and very happy with my career. I’m a very fulfilled and accomplished guy.”

However, Mauricio Rua will step into the octagon for the last time to square off against Ihor Potieria at UFC 283 on Saturday.


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