Will third time be the charm? Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury rebooked for Feb 25

The anticipated fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will hopefully take place after the cancelation of the fight last two times in a row. After so many delays and cancellations, it now will be interesting to see how both competitors approach the battle. Although many well-known sources have reported that Paul and Fury’s agreements are in place, the exact location, venue, and broadcast partner are yet to be announced.

This is going to be the third time before the news of this awaited fight comes forward. The previous two times the fights got canceled due to Fury’s medical issues. However, everything seemed to be in order this time. Although no official announcement about the place or date has been made, a strong rumor suggests that the battle will take place in Saudi Arabia. Fans have been waiting two years to see two of the best young boxers of this period square off.

In the meantime, the pair had established themselves as formidable opponents. The problem child recently defeated former MMA legend Anderson Silva in the boxing ring. Having a record of 6-6-4 and four KOs against the opponent is quite impressive. On the other hand, TNT is also an unbeaten pro boxer. His most recent win was against Daniel Bocianski, which was spectacular. The 23-year-old went 3-0 in 2021, picking up wins against pro fighters like Scott Williams, Jordan Grant, and Anthony Taylor.

In prior matches, the fight between the two pairs was called off twice. The first was due to the medical condition of the British cruiserweight fighter. Despite the fact that all of the key decisions for the fight had been made a second time, it was later scrapped. It was due to Fury’s not being able to travel to the United States. The British boxer backed out of the match both times, so will the third time be the charm, or will it be canceled again?


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