“I was a little heated”: José Aldo apologized to “friend” Conor McGregor for post-fight snide comments

Earlier this month, at Gamebred Boxing 4, José Aldo made his professional boxing debut. Aldo recently apologized to Conor McGregor after making an angry comment about the Irishman during the post-fight press conference of the fight that was clearly based on a minor fraction of misunderstanding.

Aldo (31-8 MMA) left the Ultimate Fighting Championship following his loss to Merab Dvalishvili in UFC 278. Jose, 36, says goodbye to mixed martial arts, but he hasn’t given up on combat sports just yet.

On February 10, the former UFC featherweight champion made his widely anticipated boxing debut against 33-year-old Alberto Emmanuel Zambrano in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s Novo Uniao Upper Arena.

In April 1 at the Fiserv Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Aldo fought in his second pro boxing bout against his former UFC adversary Jeremy Stephens in a boxing match at the Gamebred Boxing 4. The Notorious reportedly voiced his opinion about the Jeremy-Aldo fight, which resulted in a draw.

What did Jose Aldo say about apologizing to Conor McGregor? 

It appears that McGregor simply spoke his opinion as a fan of boxing. Aldo responded harshly because the Irish superstar’s remark had been misinterpreted by the public. The Brazilian provided clarification on what went wrong that day in a recent episode of the MMA Fighting podcast.

“I was a little heated. I had just re-watched the match in the locker room and I had won, everybody said it. And right after that a reporter asked me [about McGregor’s comments], and I hadn’t seen what Conor had said. I called him names, laughed a lot, because of that.” said José. 

Aldo and Conor have always been considered to be close friends. Although the two UFC fighters faced off in the octagon back in 2015, they have always kept up a nice rapport. Aldo had the opportunity to review his boxing match to determine what might have gone wrong. After acknowledging his errors, he made peace with Conor.

“But when I got to Brazil, I messaged him apologizing because I saw it wasn’t his intention to challenge me, he was trying to give me a push. I misunderstood [his intentions]. But we’re cool again. Conor is my friend. I wish him all the best.” Aldo added.

Fans began to fantasize about a Conor vs. Aldo boxing match after their Twitter altercation. They appear to be at peace now, though. Aldo is currently eager to travel to Ireland to train with McGregor, who has fought Floyd Mayweather once and is unquestionably more skilled than he is at the sport.

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