“I was all the way down” Shaquille O’Neal reveals heartbreaking memories leading suicidal thoughts

In an episode of his podcast, “The Big Three,” retired Hall of Fame LA Lakers center Shaquille O’Neal spoke up about the emotional turmoil he went through after his divorce from Shaunie caused by his adultery.

The absence of his wife, children, expected by O’Neal when he returned home, made him feel absolutely overwhelmed in his 76,000 square foot mansion after the divorce.

Shaquille signed a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers after his time in Orlando. In Hollywood, he was leading a wealthy lifestyle.

Shaunie and Shaq got married in 2002, and had four kids. However, this way of life caught up with him when the pair broke up in 2007 for reasons that Shaq would eventually accept blame for.

In his podcast he denied to use the ‘D’ (Depression) “I’m not gonna use the D-word because I know a lot of people are suffering from that, but I was all the way down.”

He said. The four time NBA champion was lonely in his 76,000 square foot mansion which he primarily built with his kids in mind and, “when I lost that by being stupid, it killed me,” Shaq revealed. 


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