“I was wrong for smacking that man” Shaquille O’Neal’s assault on former Utah Jazz star Greg Ostertag turns out to be a shocking regret

Shaquille O’Neal used to be the best player in the NBA. The four-time NBA champion is 7’1″ tall and weighed 325 lbs when he was playing on the court. As a result of his massive body structure, he was able to defeat even the most formidable opponents on the sporting ground.

Unfortunately, Shaqs’ muscular body and explosive temperament led to many altercations both on and off the field. In 1997, before the Lakers’ season opener, Shaquille O’Neal was suspended and fined heavily for his involvement in a fight that broke out in the locker room.

On the most recent episode of The Big Podcast with Shaq, the 15-time All-Player stated that he now regrets getting aggressive with former Utah Jazz star Greg Ostertag during a morning shoot around in 1997.

In 1997, during a morning shootaround, Shaq and Ostertag reportedly got into a furious argument regarding the Los Angeles Lakers’ elimination at the hands of the Utah Jazz the previous season. An argument ensued, and O’Neal slapped Ostertag, who was 7 feet tall, in the head with his open left palm. The former Jazz center was sent tumbling to the ground by a smack from the Los Angeles Lakers superstar.

Shaq expressed his remorse to Ostertag over their fight 25 years ago. In retrospect, Shaq said he should not have slapped Ostertag and that he felt terrible about it. Shaq was also pressed by Nischelle Turner, who wanted to know whether he had ever apologized for a blunder. The Lakers great replied that he often used the expression.

Turner asked again when was the last time O’Neal had told him he was wrong. And Shaquille O’Neal shot back, “I just said I was wrong for smacking that man.”

According to the 15-time All-Star, Greg Ostertag made derogatory comments against the Lakers in their own arena. Big Engine was so enraged by Ostertag’s statements that is why he slapped him.


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