“I will murder him”: Conor McGregor to face rude awakening following Michael Chandler’s TUF 31 spoiler

Conor McGregor’s much-anticipated return to the UFC has been the subject of numerous controversies, and it now appears that it may not happen this year. However, Michael Chandler is still optimistic that the battle would eventually take place, and he once again vowed to beat the Irishman if they meet in the octagon.

Since the Irish UFC fighter’s devastating leg fracture against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264, more than two years have passed. McGregor had planned to take on Chandler in the Octagon in the comeback match.


It now appears improbable that the battle will take place given how things have evolved over the past four months. The Notorious continues to refuse USADA’s pressure to join the testing pool.

Michael Chandler discloses his plans to take McGregor down

There may be some uncertainties but the Chandler isn’t giving up his hopes to face ‘The Notorious’ inside the octagon. In his YouTube channel, the American fighter expressed what he will do to Conor by saying, “There’s no doubt, I’d murder him (Conor McGregor) on the ground, I think.” 

Iron has a 23-8 overall record in mixed martial arts matches and a 2-3 record in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The number 6-ranked fighter of the lightweight division has several plans to make sure he triumphs over “The Notorious,” 

“That would definitely be the easiest path to victory. That’s been the easiest path to victory in all of my fights, I just haven’t shown it. So, either way, it’ll be the most electrifying first round we’ve ever seen.” Chandler added. 

Michael and the former UFC double champion have served as the coach for the 31st season of TUF, which is now airing on ESPN. The Notorious previously made headlines for attacking Chandler, the head coach of his rival team.

Based on his experience coaching against the American fighter, the Irish superstar expressed what he currently thinks of Michael in an interview with Barstool Sports.

“I had respect for (Michael) Chandler [before TUF 31] – we had an issue, right? Obviously, tempers are flaring – it’s a f*cking hostile thing. I like his style, he likes my style, we have a good little buzz.”  McGregor said. 

Iron lauds Irishman’s ring IQ

Chandler, who has been waiting for a long time to compete against Conor, has praised the fight IQ of the UFC superstar as well by saying, “The thing about him too is – he’s very rangy, in and out – he negotiates and navigates the distance very well, so that’s why he hasn’t been taken down a lot in his fights.”

The former two-division champion also claimed that he and Chandler respect one another, yet Mystic Mac made no move to downplay their competition.

Chandler won his maiden fight in the UFC in 2021 by defeating Dan Hooker. With the exception of his victory over Tony Ferguson, the American fighter’s other three major contests were all defeats. The last time Chandler competed in an octagon bout was against Dustin Poirier at UFC 281. 

After all the chaos and controversy, do you still think McGregor and Chandler will fight in the octagon? Let us know what you think in the comment area.

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